Written by: Sarah Glogauer, 10th Grade, Ahava BBG #2447.

Throughout quarantine, it has been a struggle for me to find things to do. I have looked for lists of quarantine activities, but it was difficult to find options that work within our local lockdown restrictions. I decided to compile a list of my own top ten quarantine activities to share with you, so here they are:

10. Starting off strong at number ten we have art projects! Whether it be painting, drawing, or making bracelets, art can help you destress. Art is a great way to express yourself and show your inner thoughts and feelings. Personally, I have started ‘Diamond Dots,’ a mosaic-style art project. I definitely recommend all of you to try it! The generic name to search for is ‘Gem Painting.’

9. At number nine we have online shopping. This can be a great way to reward yourself. It is always a good idea to support small businesses, especially during this pandemic. Some of my favourite small businesses are: Sprinkle Ridge (@sprinkleridge on Instagram), Sunday Brunch (@sundaybrunchca on Instagram), Handle the Sweet (@handlethesweet on Instagram), and Crumbs and Flour (@crumbsandflour). Shopping at small businesses is a great way to support your community and have fun!

8. At number eight, we have journaling. You can create a vision board using images and words that describe dreams and inspirations. As well, writing about your experiences during quarantine, maybe even for our blog, is a great way to share your thoughts! Reach out to our Press Corps blog captain Leah Stein or our Regional Mazkirim if you’re interested. This year I started something called a Happiness Jar! I write down when I have a good moment so at the end of the year I can reflect on the positive memories I have made!

7. Next, for my favourite number, seven, I recommend that you enjoy the outdoors! There are many activities I have done outside that have been enjoyable. These include: building a snowman, taking a walk in nature, going stargazing, and taking pictures of the sunset. The nature around us is incredible, so why not take advantage of it?

6. For number six, we have watching a new movie or show. Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video are all great sites to watch movies and TV shows. Some great Netflix shows include: Bridgerton, Lupin, History of Swear Words, and Cobra Kai. I also love classics like: The Office, Friends, Glee, and my personal favourite, Dragons Den.

5. Now number five, (I never wanna hear you say) learning something new. This can be anything from TikTok dances, to a new language, or even learning to write with your non-dominant hand. I have started learning sign language with a friend of mine!

4. At number four, we have puzzles or games. These are great activities to do with your family, or on Zoom with friends. I have done a puzzle with my brother and played many games including Scrabble, Monopoly, Life, and Uno.

3. Next, for number three there is self care! Some good examples of this are face masks, meditating, watching funny videos, and rewarding yourself for completing goals. For me, taking breaks has been very important because it helps me regain focus and motivates me to continue what I’m working on.

2. Coming at number two, we have baking or cooking. Some of my favourite things to bake are brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and challah. I also love cooking chili, soup, homemade pizza, and fresh pasta. Cooking and baking are the only things that kept me sane while at home, and definitely helped me relax.

1. Finally, for the top thing to do during quarantine, stay in contact with your friends and family! This can be by mailing letters, sending text messages, or just giving them a phone call. The pandemic is the perfect time to reach out to those you care about, whether they live near or far. I have been staying in contact with my family and friends, but especially my grandparents, as they are bored at home during this time.

Quarantine can be a tough time for finding things to do and many people are bored. I hope this list of ten things to do can help you find something to do!

Pictured: Me (fourth row centre) attending Frat/Sis Convention 2021.