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Fun, Meaningful and Affordable Jewish Experiences for Toronto-area Teens

What is BBYO?

BBYO is the leading pluralistic teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful Jewish experiences. With over 700 teen-led chapters (AZA for boys and BBG for girls) across 50 countries around the world, Jewish teens in communities of all shapes and sizes engage their peers in activities focuses on community service, philanthropy, civic engagement, Israel education, and Jewish heritage, among other topics. 

Participation in BBYO begins in eighth grade or freshman year of high school and lasts through graduation. Membership in BBYO is a one-time fee of only $149, and grants teens access to special events, exclusive programs, a peer group that spans the globe, and a robust alumni network that can support their success well beyond high school and into adulthood.

During the school year, programs, conventions, and elections are held on the local, council, regional, and international level and are planned by elected and appointed teen leaders who are chosen by their peers to help create meaningful and fun experiences. 

Like any group with a passionate member base, BBYO has developed a hearty set of internal language and nomenclature which can be confusing to newcomers. Check out this helpful guide to help decode any new words!

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