Written by: Leah Stein, 9th Grade, Ahava BBG #2447.

When I think of the LOR blog this year, the first word that comes to mind is ‘wow.’ We have had so many amazing writers share information about their favourite events, opportunities, and all things in and out of BBYO. From articles about making friends in the organization, to recaps of regional conventions, to how to stay busy in quarantine, we got to cover so many topics, and members of the region got to share so much with each other.

When I kicked off the blog back in September, I mentioned that this year, we wanted to reimagine what it meant to blog. Blogging doesn’t have to be boring and only on one subject, and it can open up so many new possibilities! Looking back now, I can truly say that we fulfilled this goal and more. We really were able to make it ‘the year of blogging.’ It has been such an honour to be able to work with so many members of the region to create articles they were passionate about, and spread the word about LOR’s interests. 

With the help of some amazing teens and our regional staff this year, we posted an article every other week for the entire programming year, and then some! Plus, we had writers both from within and beyond the Press Corps team, something we hadn’t done before. We brought in a new way for members of LOR to share their excitement, and reinvented the blog in ways previously unimaginable. I already know there are going to be so many amazing things on our blog next year, and I can’t wait! This is Leah Stein, officially signing off as your blog specialist, have a great summer LOR!

Pictured: The press corps team at one of our meetings this year.