Who Knows One?

Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 for BBYO in Canada

Who Knows One? is a game show that will stream live on the BBYO Canada Facebook Page on Monday, May 10th at 8:30PM ET. Viewers can help the contestants earn clues, lifelines, and advantages by donating to BBYO. The game starts NOW!

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Two contestants are given the name of a random Jewish person in North America (referred to as “The Chosen One”) and they must use their networks to find that person and get them onto the Zoom call. Contestants are given clues and they invite friends onto the Zoom call who they think might help them get closer to finding “The Chosen One”. Those people then invite others to the Zoom call until someone joins the call who knows “The Chosen One” and invites them to join the call.


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Help the contestants earn clues, lifelines and advantages by donating to BBYO. Support your local region and give in honour of Andrea Berk, Jordana Etkin, Braden Ganetsky, Gary Gladstone, Dana Glickman, Lindsay Kerr, Mel Monczak, Rabbi Dan Moskovitz, Adam Muscott, Lara Rodin, Jill Rosenberg or Joel Zimmerman.

A charitable receipt will be issued by BBYO Ontario for all donations of $18 or more. Registered charity number 130907819RR0001.

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